nature rest NICU Transport Roll

Nurture Rest NICU Transport Roll

Neonatal Loving Kare, Inc. Transport Roll is used for transporting infants from referring hospitals via helicopter or ambulance. The “Grab and GO” Transport Roll was invented by a NICU transport nurse for organization and fast access to all the medical supplies you will need while out on transport in a referring hospital. As a transport nurse, you are in a different environment than the hospital you work at daily, so you have to be able to function quickly in a new environment and know exactly where all your medical supplies are at all times. The transport roll is extremely easy to use, well organized, allows for multitasking,and has pockets for everything from resuscitation tools to pens and calculators.

The purple Transport Roll above is closed and showing the strap you can use to put it over your shoulder for ease of carrying. It also has two snaps and Velcro on each side for extra support while carrying and traveling in route to the referring hospital.

The green Transport Roll above is one of the first we made. The purple version has an updated plastic window on the top flap of each pocket, so the nurses can label what is inside each pocket. Also, instead of a snap there is Velcro to hold down each pocket. The pockets are made of a stretch material so the nurses can put all the supplies they need inside. Above you can see a better picture of all the supplies that are needed to go on a transport for a baby. This product is the only one on the market that offers all this organization in one and is easy to use.